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What is in the Value of Buying Other Sites?

When you are an affiliate, and you are just beginning to create web sites, you begin to realize how much work is going to be put in to the web site and how much blood, sweat, and tears you are going to have to put into it to get it going. To get to the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) you are going to have to put in even more work, and more time, than all of your competitors (the ones that are parallel with you in terms of status as well as the ones that came before you and are already at the top of the search engine pages).

In the post Panda world, where content farms are taking huge hits, and the Value of SEO starts to dwindle (at least the value of black-hat SEO, white label SEO and a link building service is still very much alive) getting to rank at the top of the SERPs can an even harder task for somebody that is looking to get into affiliate marketing.

In the poker world, there is one business model that is very common. It works out to be a little different than most affiliate systems, but for the most part, you can apply the model to many different types of affiliate marketing business models.

Buying Up Affiliate Websites

In SEO, the domain name is a very important part of where you are actually going to end up in the search engines. If you can get an exact match domain name, then you have a way higher chance of ranking high in the SERPs - so why wouldn't you look for these types of domains?

This is why people are able to charge thousands of dollars for just the domain names, and domains like "Scores.com" can go for over a million dollars.

But there is an even better business model then just buying up exact match domain names and then building them out - hoping to get to the top of the SERPs. This business model is simply buying out affiliate web sites that have already done the work for you!

I am not too sure about too many different types of affiliate programs out there, I know of a couple that are pretty lucrative and some that are even lucrative and non-competitive, but in the Poker industry, this business model works so well because of this:

    • First of all, poker is one of the most lucrative search terms to have control over, because it offers the most lucrative affiliate programs. "Online Poker" continues to be one of the most searched for keyword phrases on the web
    • Many poker affiliate programs offer more money to affiliates that send more referrals. Or basically, the more referrals and conversions you make, the higher the percentage of money you make off of each referral
    • People spend a lot of money on poker, and for that reason, poker affiliates are able to make a lot more money off of the affiliate programs

The second part here is extremely important. First of all, if you have established at least one affiliate web site in the poker world, and you are able to purchase at least one other poker affiliate website that is already establish and making money, then you instantly increase the amount of referrals you are making. That means that since you acquired more you are making more, which means that the web site you are buying is potentially worth a lot more money to you then it is to somebody else.

Usually in the online world, it is customary to make about pay about 24 months of what the  web site makes. So if you pay that worth to the owner, and turn around and start making a lot money that he or she did as the owner, then you are able to make up that amount of money a lot faster than 24 months (depending on the deal you are able to make).

Why do People Sell Web Sites that Seem To be Doing So Good (Or otherwise may have a lot of Potential)?

A lot of the times in the affiliate world, working on web sites can just be way too time consuming for some people. They get in over their head and they are just not able to keep up with the daily tasks of getting those web sites to continuously rank at the top of the search engines (it is truly a lot of work). The good news for you, as someone to looking to buy these affiliate sites, is that these types of situations are all over the place all over the Internet. You can scoop up all sorts of these types of web sites with the right amount of research and networking.

Benefits of Buying Sites as Opposed to Expensive Domains

  • You can immediately make money by picking and choosing web sites that you would like to buy
  • You can already be established in the SERPs and use different and better SEO tactics to gain better rankings
  • All of the web work is already done for you, you just have to make it better
  • The domain name will have aged as will have all the links that are pointing to it

Every time you see a new website trying to creep up into the SERPs, you should really consider trying to get them to sell to you right away (as long as you have done your research and decide that it is going to be profitable. Of course the first step is to getting there yourself!

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