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Commercial Water Treatment - Is Fracking The Answer?

There are certain standards set by governments when it comes to the quality of drinking water consumed by civilians. Standards vary from country to country, however most will set a minimum and level of purity in which the water needs to possess. This is to ensure the safety of humans, as water without being properly cleaned and/or filtered using certain water treatment processes can be extremely harmful to health, depending where the water comes from. In some cases water could be safe to drink without having to be purified e.g. natural spring water. Commercial water treatment is on the rise due to an ever growing demand for clean and safe water. However, commercial water treatment processes couldn’t simply take place without the correct tools, equipment and professionally trained personnel. Baring this in mind, this article will look at: Flowback Water Treatment and the issues Fracking can cause Bio-Char - the research into the new alternate ‘discovery’ to fracking. Water Treatment Technologies Flow-Back Water Treatment  The flow-back water treatment process is for the time being, critical in terms of sustainability for both the oil and gas industries. This is due to the pure volume of oil and gas needed for the flow-back water treatment...
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