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Unmarketing by Scott Stratton

Unmarketing by Scott Stratton is an intriguing book that gives people a different look at how to market their businesses. I've known about Scott for a long time, having first encountered him on Ryze many years ago. He has always had a unique perspective for how businesses should think about marketing themselves that goes against the grain. He has had some great successes and in this particular book he tells stories of both successes and near misses.I was especially intrigued by one story he tells where his idea for a new restaurant in his area was to have one night where they invited many guests within the area to come for a free meal. The people for the restaurant thought that was a horrible idea because in their minds they would be losing a lot of money. They decided to go a different way and unfortunately the restaurant didn't survive, although Stratton says he doesn't know if it's because they didn't give his idea a shot or not. The reason it's intriguing is because on TV these days there are other shows where one sees other consultants offering this same type of marketing advice and both restaurants and stores find themselves...
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