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Secure Your Site. Avoid the Risk

Secure Your Site. Avoid the Risk
The security of a website is as important as that of any land-based business, but many webmasters do not seem to recognize the vulnerabilities of being online. The main threats are hacking, spamming and malware, all of which can be protected against to a certain extent. Choosing a web host that openly advertises the security measures it employs is a good start, but if you are using shared hosting for reasons of cost you should understand that other sites hosted on the same server could have their own vulnerabilities exploited. This can put your website at risk, potentially outweighing the financial benefits of shared hosting. If your website has special importance to your business it is much better to use a dedicated server to host your site. This is more costly, but it will also give you control over security. Buying and installing the best anti-virus and anti-malware software can help, but such programs are not always infallible. Even hardware firewalls can be compromised or circumvented. If you have any concerns, the first thing to do is to run a security audit on your website. This can be achieved using one of many free online resources such as Acunetix or McAfee...
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