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Adam Hubshout

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The Complete Reseller

The Complete Reseller
We know that there are many SEO resellers offering a broad spectrum of service to their customers.  Some offer just the basics: page optimization, anchor text and keyword research only, for example.  There are various reasons why resellers might limit their services but those that offer the complete inventory usually end up making more money.   What is possible?  Many resellers feel uncomfortable offering services like email and Social Media but they are not hard to fulfill and can be a of significant benefit to clients.  And a significant contributor to the bottom line. Let’s take a look at what the complete reseller package should contain.   Site SEO Effective site SEO requires a thorough analysis of keywords, a website audit to access design, text and keyword usage, and link building.  Link building includes updating content weekly to every site as well as article writing, posting and back linking from sites that have relevant, valued content.   PPC PPC is a vital advertising component in most businesses today.  With few exceptions, you want all your clients invested in some level of PPC.  At minimum, a competent program offers the following:  website audit, keyword search, and landing page analysis and upgrading.  ...
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