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Monique Craig

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Monique Craig is an Australian blogger and marketing specialist who works for Oneflare, an online marketplace which connects customers with local service providers.

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan
Social media marketing strategy can be roughly defined as a set of actions leading to certain results that can be achieved through skilful use of different social media channels. Avoiding risky actions online is by far the core principle of effective social media marketing strategy. Everything you write, like or share should be a part of a goal-oriented plan. Only deliberate steps which are methodically coordinated can bring you closer to your ultimate marketing goal. Are you wondering how to build a social media marketing plan from scratch? Keep on reading to find out. Specify your goals First of all, it is advised to list your goals and objectives. Do bear in mind that they should be as specific as possible, so that you can track your progress. At this point, you should also make a deadline for completing different tasks. Crossing things off your to‑do list is a truly rewarding moment. Choose the channels An inseparable part of creating an effective social media marketing strategy is choosing the right channels of communication. Facebook is still the most popular page, however, it is worth to use other platforms as well. Different networking sites serve various purposes, so they can naturally become...
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