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Grunt: What Does This Function Do To Uplift Your WordPress

Grunt: What Does This Function Do To Uplift Your WordPress
Grunt is a high-end JavaScript based task runner that helps in streamlining the development process of WordPress plugins and how they act. It's an extremely flexible and extensible tool to maintain the work flow of WordPress plugins and enjoying a greater level of control over their entire process.   This guide will show you how Grunt can be used to handle tedious task and bring the fun into the PSD to WordPress theme conversion and some other development related tasks. But before we directly take you to the subject, let's first understand the basis of Grunt and why this tool is so helpful.   What is Grunt?   Grunt is an extremely versatile task runner capable of performing anything you could imagine. There is an extensive community behind the regular discovery and development of Grunt which help you to add edge to your projects. No matter, whether it's about minifying your files, performing testing related tasks, or editing, linking CSS files or anything that matters, Grunt has you covered.   What Grunt Can Do for You   The community of Grunt is incredibly strong and massive, which has lead to the development of a great deal of plugins. The tool speed...
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