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Be a Good Host for your Event on Twitter

Be a Good Host for your Event on Twitter
Making sure that your conference, or any event type, is a hit on Twitter could be the difference between having a few people show up, and having hundreds of engaged and interested fans show up. With some organization ahead of time, and a bit of work controlling the chaos on the day of the event, you can achieve that perfect mix of offline and online good hosting behavior. To help this post along, I’m going to pretend that I’m a person who runs a sports store. I’m having an event at my store where people are coming over to watch the local team in the playoffs for a #PlayoffParty2014 event. This event will tie in with a sale that’s happening, the #PlayoffSale, during the entire playoff run. Be a good host on Twitter: Start with a hashtag You likely have a number of hashtags that you’re working with. Your standard hashtags are good to use during the promotion of your event, but you can’t rely on them solely for your Twitter event’s buildup. For the example I’m using, I can still use my hashtag for the general #PlayoffSale, but I need a new one to connect discussions about the event. #PlayoffParty2014...
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