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Mark James Osbourne

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Are Cards the Future of Web Design?

Are Cards the Future of Web Design?
With the advent of smartphones and tablets and with their tight integration into our (online) lives, a natural need arose to optimize the content on the internet in such way that it is more easily and elegantly presentable on handheld devices. The idea of responsive design came fairly quickly, as one of the most logical solutions to the problem of adapting website content to look good on all screen sizes. However, synchronously with this change in web design paradigm, another idea gathered a lot of attention from design professionals. Existent for quite some time (after all, the whole concept is not truly original) but first brought into the spotlight by Google’s information hub, Google Now, the idea of cards which stand for chunks of information which are easily digestible and just sufficiently informative spread like wildfire in the world of web and mobile app design.   It would not be fair to call Google Now a new idea, either. After all, information hubs are a pretty old thing on the internet, and Apple’s Siri, a hugely popular (albeit often disputed) iOS virtual personal assistant does almost exactly the same thing: informs the user about weather, traffic and provides them with quick...
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