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Danial Wright

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Danial Write has been working as a Magento Web Developer at Magentax Ltd. He possess a curiosity of sharing and writing information rich posts on Custom Magento Development and other web development platforms.

Some of the Biggest E-commerce Trends To Watch Out For in 2014

Some of the Biggest E-commerce Trends To Watch Out For in 2014
With ever-increasing number of people moving to shop online than following the conventional methods to shop, e-commerce industry is booming at an alarming rate. Most of the brick-and-mortar store owners (if not all) are also stepping-in e-commerce development to build their strong presence online – in a bid to reach wider targeted customers. But as the e-commerce industry keeps on varying and new trends pops up almost every year, so as to provide seamless shopping experience to consumers, this year is no different. Here are some of the top e-commerce trends that you should look for in 2014: 1. Mobile Payments Will Become a Breeze In 2014, you'll be able to make payments in a remarkably easier manner. You no longer will have to set your eyes upon a waiter to pay your restaurant bill! That's because, PayPal will allow users to settle their bills with help of their neatly packaged app. According to Gartner, there will a 38% boost in mobile payments this year. 2. Selling Across Multiple Channels With each passing year the online experience gets more fragmented, and in 2014 online businesses will need to adopt multichannel selling. Just like any physical retailer opens up a store in...
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