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Points to Ponder Before Choosing Magento as Platform for Your Web Shop

Points to Ponder Before Choosing Magento as Platform for Your Web Shop
Magento is a highly powerful and considerably flexible e-Commerce platform that develops fully functional e-stores giving your business an edge over competition. Magento is being currently used by around 2,00,000 merchants globally, each recommending this platform further. Businesses feel powered when they are set up using Magento. If facts are anything to go by than 1 in 4 online businesses prefer to set their web shop using Magento. Businesses love to choose Magento to develop their eStore for its flexibility, ease in functioning and the amount of extensions it provides. Magento community and partner eBay Inc. are just added advantage. Is Magento a Good Option for you? There are many shopping cart platforms available in the market at present. Many of them are highly easy to use and do not have the complexities that Magento comes with. In most the platforms you don’t even  need a developer to build your store. Why then do most businesses consider using Magento as the stand essential platform to develop their eStores? Most businesses use Magento because they are referred to this platform but are not aware of its functionality. If a business is planning to migrate to Magento, it should ideally consider a few...
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