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Nathan Morgan

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Nathan has years of experience in content management, offline and digital data management, and data encryption. His corporate clients are becoming increasingly concerned with security. He now spends much of his time researching data encryption and disaster recovery solutions.

Why Businesses Need to Start Using the Cloud

Why Businesses Need to Start Using the Cloud
In an effort to 'go green', many businesses are switching to paperless records. As such, special considerations must be given to the organization, security, and storage of its electronic information and data sets. The result of this growing demand for electronic storage is an increase in the number of cloud-based file archiving solutions that are available to businesses. But is it necessary to utilise such a service to manage your electronic data? And how can you be sure which file archiving service will take care of your records? Here is a look at why cloud solutions are smart for storing business data, and how to select the right service for your needs. Why is 'the cloud' so important for businesses file archiving? The sheer volume of data being created, sent by, and received from a company on a given business day is overwhelming. With every passing moment, sales team members are logging lead information and commissions earnings; accountants are generating invoices and paying bills, and managers are sending out office-wide memos regarding policy changes. Whether in the form of e-mail, Word documents, spreadsheets, or others, all of this data takes up space, and as the volume of information grows exponentially,...
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