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Gerad Hoyt

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Does Google Know Too Much?

Does Google Know Too Much?
Google has become arguably the most prolific company in history, primarily because of its advanced data collection ability. Think about it, Google's entire business is based off of collection of data from a huge number of sources from websites down to its users. Google has an insane number of ways that it's getting information outside of its classic search engine, like gmail, docs, calendar, maps, youtube, socially via Google Plus and even phone data from Google Voice. Once the enormity of the data net that Google has, the question becomes does Google know too much about people? Over the past 3 years the search giant has been embroiled in a massive antitrust & privacy case with the European Union. This however is far from the first controversy Google has faced in its data collection practices. From Safe Choice Security Controversies One of the most prominent and disturbing issues involving a Google data collection method surrounded its streetview cars used to take pictures for Google Maps. Between 2006 and 2010 streetview cars were collecting data from unsecured wi-fi networks it drove by. In that time frame Google collected over 600 gigabytes of usage and browsing data from wi-fi networks. The FCC came...
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