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SEO Tips For Building Relevance With Bing

SEO Tips For Building Relevance With Bing
No one can afford to forget search engines such as Bing. The Bing-Yahoo! alliance is reported to have secured approximately 30% of search engine queries worldwide. In the United States, these search engines field nearly half of the queries made. Bing SEO does differ from Google in some significant ways. You will want to try and strike a comfortable balance to regularly appeal to search engines besides Google. Building Click Through Rate Bing takes into account how their users interact with the links provided in the SERPs. Their system wants to see if the user is clicking on the links related to their search query and how long it takes for them to return to the website. If the visitor comes back immediately, it is safe to assume that they did not find the information they were looking for. You can use this information to your advantage. Accuracy in keyword choice and description is going to play a large role in generating link clicks. Providing accurate, quality information that will fill the needs of users visiting your website will help your Bing ranking. Provide A Great User Experience Search engines, and Bing in particular, have started to move away from just...
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