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Long time ago, everything on the web was black on white with not much interaction with readers. Blogging is the medium between websites and forums, you can read and you can discuss. Below, I will give you some examples of different types of blog posts.

Short Post

Shorts posts usually are those that keep your schedule running well, few sentences with few facts, picture or a video and some random words of wisdom. Usually some of the latest news and trends are exactly short posts with an option to be continued later as there is not much information related to this yet.


Depending on the niche, this can be the evergreen, especially if you write about technology. You can write reviews on products or services. Even those posts build trust into readers, probably those are the most difficult to write. You need to check every fact, need to check other reviews, need to check what existing users or customers are thinking about this.
A small example of short review need to include several mandatory fields - "features", "pros", "cons", "support", "price". Of course this may depend on product or service that you review, for sure there is leverage and you can expand this section.


Almost for every blog niche, you can prepare a list of something. This could be a good resource and quite often list of something can become viral or achieve search engine rankings very fast. Always collect good and reliable lists, be sure that you have checked your competition, and write something unique and extended.


This category of blog posts may require additional graphic design skills. Probably you have seen some gorgeous huge images with a lot of information included and very little text.  This is quite difficult type of posts - first graphic design, 2nd you need to find a lot of facts and third you need to write a short story related to this infographic. All this can be time consuming and probably have already done that. Infographics are getting viral very easy and are excellent way to get high number of links to your blog in short period of time.

Surveys and Polls

Polls and quiz posts are particularly a good idea for any kind of blog. Often people are shy or lazy to comment, but for sure they are ok to make few clicks and cast their vote for favorite product, service or person. Surveys may be a bit more though, be sure that you have proper terms of service and privacy policy on your blog.


This is your journal! Interview somebody popular, may be a fellow blogger or a friend. It may be difficult for beginner blogger to get an interview from A-List blogger, but it is not impossible. Try to engage some popular people in your blog niche. Nowadays, it can be even much easier and it is not mandatory to be written interview, you can record audio or video through some of the top VoIP platforms, or simply use Google Hangout.

How-to Guides

Guides and tutorials are always a good idea. Be sure that you are writing unique guide, or if somebody else have write the same guide, be sure that you will do it much better and comprehensive. You can write or you can record a video or audio. Guides and tutorials can bring descent amount of traffic, readers like that kind of blog posts.