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Choosing post title is one very important part; definitely nobody would click on topic that doesn’t have interesting title. Now we are not talking about SEO purpose of well written titles, but about creating fast engagement. 
How to Choose an Article TitleAction words in headlines will give readers an excellent reason to read the post, descriptive titles give another reason to read the article. Remember that you need to lead the reader through the topic, but be careful putting misleading titles!

Now, I will give you some basic blog titles, which may work very well and immediately grab attention of readers!

Titles that include “secrets”

Particularly, I don’t like titles that talks about secrets as I am working more than a decade as online marketing expert and SEO, but many people fall immediately for title that include some secret, especially for some blog niche.  Just few examples:
“The Secret of Passive Income Online”
“Secret of Looking Young at Any Age”
“Secret Guide to Get Your Ex Back”

Titles that include “numbers”

There are two approaches to include numbers, depending on the niche. The secret that I will share with you is that those titles usually get viral very easy, especially on social networks or bookmark websites. The first approach is related to money, the other one is related to information that is never disclosed before.  Examples:
“How I make $1000 a Month Blogging?”
“AdSense Keywords than Pay More than $20 a Click”
“300Mph with latest …. Hybrid”
“Collect 500 tons of rainwater”

Titles “questions”

Even in first two examples, I have used questions several times. Questions always get more attention than any other kind of headings, especially if the topic is hot and your audience have already asking themselves about that.
“Is SEO Dead?”
“When is the Next Mission to Mars?”
“When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Eastern Europe?”

Unusual Titles

For this category of headings you need to be very careful, as I mentioned above, be careful with misleading titles. It isn’t very difficult to classify what is unusual and what is normal and what is weird.
“Men Gives a Birth of 4 Babies”
“Horses Never Get Sick”
“Fry Eggs on Your CPU”

Amazing Titles

Similar to the previous category, many times people can get amazed just reading the heading. Of course it is very important to supply the “amazing” information in the article too.
“Songs that Fly into Space”
“Top 10 Richest People in World without University Degree!”
“Scientist Have Found Water or Moon!”

Top Lists

Some of the most successful stories are about lists of top products or services, for sure this can be “top 10 best” or “top 10 worst”. 

Rumors in the Title

This is dangerous way, but for sure can lead to a lot of commentary from readers; in addition I would say that if you write about rumors, be careful and be prepared to include some facts.
I suppose that this would be enough ideas about the titles. Again would like to remind to lead not to mislead in your titles or you will receive a lot of critics. Another last tip for this post – don’t capitalize all letter in particular title!