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Many people will say that blogging is like journalism, write a new story on a topic that is trendy. To some extends that absolutely correct, however quality blogging is a bit more advanced that writing a post for newspaper. Your main goal is to stand out of the crowd and make your readers want to read more from you and come back to your blog. To find more about finding interesting blog post ideas check this article.

Keeping blog audience engaged is the thing that makes journalism and blogging different. You have to try to make a conversation with your audience through comments, usually completely anonymous and without any censorship. Your readers can type back to your, a good strategy is to ask questions your audience and not giving only facts, but seeking opinions, but at the same time inserting your own point of view. You should not be afraid to speak on your own and express your opinion, this is your own journal and what makes blogs different from each other.

Time sensitive information, like braking news, often doesn’t need personal opinion, but speed to write as fast as possible, for sure after that you will have enough time to make your own analysis.

Many times breaking the news, you will be able to get additional information from different sources and often from comments, while you read news and stories, always try to look it from your own angle, backing it up with your personal experience. Don’t just rewrite, this will nott lead to any good results.