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Suppose that you have already chosen your domain name, you have bought web hosting package and you have selected your blog niche, or simply have started using some of the hosted blogging platforms. In this article I will give you some blog startup tips, which very often are missed even by advanced bloggers.

Introduction - About Us Page

Intro, Contact us page and First PostsI guess you surfing Internet often and probably read number of blogs, also if you have developed business website previously you know that one important page is so called “about us” page. As a matter of fact many bloggers forget to include this page in their blogs. You need this page, because you have selected particular niche, you are very good and you need to define yourself in the best possible way. Most bloggers are self proclaimed experts in something, you must not be an exception, so answer the following questions – “Who you are”, “What you do” and “Why you do it better” , as well as why things you do are very important. It should be like you are writing a resume for job interview, include some facts about yourself, education, work experience and some achievements.

First Blog Posts

Before starting promotion, you need to create some of your first blog posts. Nobody likes to see menu-less website with just 2-3 articles. Make your new blog looks like on-going project – add few relevant categories and start adding evergreen content, intro to your blog with 2-3 posts per each category for quick start up.

Contact Us Page

Similar to “about us” page, many bloggers forget to leave contact. I am not talking about social network links to fan pages, but actually page where you can send email. Depending on the CMS that you have selected for your blog, there should be number of plug-ins or components that you can install and have quick start-up. Be sure you don’t miss probably important fields like – “how did you hear about us”, “why you want to contact us” and anything else that may be important for your blog niche.