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If you reading this article, probably you have already read the article “What do I need to start blogging”. Blogging require full dedication and a lot other skills than software, hardware, web services and CMS. I doubt that during start-up many blogger would invest a lot of money in hiring full team of experts, so I suppose you are one men band ready to take the world with your own skills.  Just be conversant and flexible and you are already on the right track.

Improve Your Writing by Reading

Improve Your Writing SkillsDo you remember your childhood and elementary school, this is a good start. If you want to become good blogger, you need to be a good writer. To become good writer, you need to read a lot – depending on the niche; you should find a good sources of news, create your own list and start the day with reading articles from those sources. The best is to read everything related to your blog topic – official news, forums, blogs, etc. Don’t spend a lot of time on this, filter information and don’t believe in everything, especially forums and blogs. If your blog niche isn’t time sensitive, have a time for research, but it is always good to be first.

A good strategy is to make topics that you have selected to writing in a calendar another good idea is to use “mind map” software (there are few excellent freeware applications).
Latest news may guarantee jump start for your blog, but don’t be copy cat, don’t just rewrite those stories, write your own commentary, opinion and aim for further discussion. Adding some humor or controversy can be an excellent idea, but don’t overdo it.

How to Write Blog Posts

Writing a blog post is very similar to writing newspaper, but it isn’t exactly the same. If you try to write this way, you may hit many problems. Blog post writing isn’t exactly something that you can learn during literature lesson at school, however if you have been good at that, probably you have an advantage.
Right, blogging is about timing and writing a lot. Write a lot and do your best, make a list of similar articles, dig deeper and dipper in one topic until you get to the smallest detail, this will also help to your SEO efforts, plus reducing bounce rate on your blog. You may also check blog content tips, if you haven't read the article, yet.

Grammar, Vocabulary, “KISS Principle”

Certainly you can’t become successful blogger with poor vocabulary and grammar, but there is something else – don’t write in language that only you understand, don’t be over-technical, but use simple ways to explain complicated issues, so more readers to understand what you mean.

What is the difference between blogging and journalism?

You have freedom to format your text the way you want – bullet points, numbering, including tons of images, videos and audio content! This is not all you have power of interaction with reader – polls, comments, voting… You can be unpredictable, of course if blog niche allows that, but create your own style of writing that your readers can easily recognize, especially if you are writing team blog.

Be Your Own Editor

Quite often when bloggers write something, they publish the article immediately. This is pretty much wrong course of action. Leave the fresh article to dry – come back after 30 minutes and read what you have wrote - in most cases you will edit your own content and improve it dramatically.

How Many Words per Article?

This is frequently asked question by many of my colleagues, company owners and SEOs. There isn’t a strict rule, but there are some unwritten facts about any kind of text content online. Usually most people do not read more than 250 words online, usually people spend more time on blog with photographs (images doesn’t need translation and can be recognized by anybody) and videos. So, my personal advice is not to fall into trap of very long or very short articles – minimum 250, maximum 1,000 words.  Another good way to determine how many words per blog post is to check your top direct competitors. The same apply for number of blog posts per day ratio, which we’ve discussed previously.   

If you offer guest blogging services, probably you should check our article related to freelancer skills, too.