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Finding ideas and sources of information will play very important role for your publishing content strategy and consistency.  Even you are an expert in particular topic, it is always better to find latest information about your topic. New information is always better than old and outdated!

How to find interesting topicsFinding the most exiting items isn’t a challenge, but you are facing very strong competition from the rest of blogging community that also wants to publish content on this topic. Let’s face another fact, most bloggers rewrite what they read with their own title on the top and byline at the bottom! This should work for you too, but you should do it better than them. Bloggers have freedom to express their own opinion in topic, make additional research, link to references and adding their own images or artwork, so here is the leverage that you will definitely need.

Finding News on Social Media

In the past finding news was limited to newspapers and TV, today news are everywhere and spread so fast. Even online newspapers rarely can’t catch up as fast as social media like Twitter and Facebook. This could be excellent source of getting the latest trends, but don’t fall into trap of unverified news.


I suppose you already know what RSS means, find yourself good RSS reader and start adding RSS feeds from reliable sources that cover topics related to your niche.

News for Web Traffic

One of the best ways to go is to write about trendy topics. You should start using Google Trends, Google Insight, Alexa and Technorati. From all those websites you can extract topics related to your blog niche that are very hot and probably half of the population is interested to read. Now let’s be realistic again, there is slight trap in this strategy, often those topics are becoming very competitive and many bloggers and powerful news website have already publish an article about this. You should use smart strategy of promoting this content and as well commit competitor research.

Press Releases Research

Very large portion of news is firstly published as press releases. There are many PR directories where you can find interesting information that you can write about. This is very smart strategy that not so many bloggers use.


Reviews of products and services is another source of information, even more tricky as it is good to know the product or service from first hand, but I suppose you have experience in the niche that you have already choose and know many things that other bloggers does not. Reviews can bring trust of readers easily if you are honest in your reviews, I personally would not recommend to you to write paid reviews requested by email or if you do, be as objective as possible.
In conclusion, I would say that you have a lot of freedom, collection news is just one way of writing blog, but you can be flexible with that as this is your own journal and you can include experience, events that you have attend, write about your dream or goals and anything else.