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This guide will lead you through some of the basics of blogging, general ideas of how to write and distribute content online, but first a bit of intro to blogging. This blog tips section at WebmaisterPro will make honest review of how to be successful blogger without giving you empty promises, there are no secret, it is just hard work!.
During my career I found that blogging is the medium between websites and forums, I also found that not many web professionals really understand the power of blogging, for instance even full time SEOs, web designers and developers rarely write their own blog, but on the other hand blogs are established by specialists in particular niche that usually find some whole in content written by official sources or simple want to prove somebody wrong by distributing knowledge and thoughts online.

Blog TipsBasic principle of blogging is writing on topic that you really love, for example hobby or niche related to your work that you really understand well. It is not a rocket science to develop and write a blog; however there are not so many successful bloggers that make decent amount of money from it.

If you are already running a blog or several blogs, this guide will help you to filter information and strategies that you already know and most likely you will become better and more successful blogger. Main difference between blogs and regular websites is that to run a successful blog, you need to create quality content on daily basis and since recently to be active on social networks. To stay on top you need to keep pushing and feeding with new quality content on daily basis.

I personally device different blog on two main categories – personal and commercial, however you can make money by selling and expressing personal opinion, there is no magic bullet or recipe that work 100%, but everything is possible.
Don’t fall into trap about making millions of dollar online in short term, actually don’t fall into any guide that promising this. It is not possible in short or long term, just treat blog like any other business and follow the basic business principles and set up achievable goals.

There are good news, you don’t need to start from scratch, there are many good tutorial and resources, there are many different platforms - ready made and self hosted,  that you can choose and of course you may be able to discover your own way and make serious money through blogging online.

What is Blog and Blogging?

A simple way to keep online journal, usually in short articles called “posts” , chronologically classified in “categories” that usually are semantic or related.  This is called “blog”, and blog is short of “web log”, Dave Winer is the creator first “web log” when he built a site called The site featured the reverse chronological (newest stories first) arrangement.  Winer’s new format of online content arrangement quickly became known as a weblog; and as usual things on Internet evolve very fast and usually kept short “weblog” became known as “blog”.

Winer also developed a system that can easily distribute content called “Really Simple Syndication” or simply RSS, allowing readers to access his posts from programs called newsreaders.
This was very important step of blog to newsreaders completely changed blogging. This was the first time, same content could coexist standalone without even need of visiting a website, devoid of advertising, images, and other clutter. 

Do you want to start blogging? Follow our blog tips section and learn how to choose your blog niche.