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What is HTML5?

Everybody is talking about HTML5, but what exactly is HTML5? Ha-ha, well it is Hypertext Markup Language version 5. Everybody knows that and this is the biggest update every, actually the previous update of HTML was a decade ago! Describing it this way doesn’t throw enough light as HTML4.01 doesn’t seems to look every close in terms of features, I am talking about interactivity, multimedia support,  smarter forms, and better semantic markup are present

What is new in HTML5?

For web developers that already know, let me say that we already have lost the exact meaning, probably because this new standard is very far from its completion.

HTML Development Timeline

General idea staying behind HTML5 is to extend the way we use to build web pages/sites and to offer richer and superior support for web and mobile applications. Targeting functionality directly into web browser and becoming more like programming language than tagging language.

Compared to HTML 4.01 (if there can be any possible comparison) HTML5 not only define number of markup elements, but as well define exactly how markup “code” should be parsed.  Version 5 clearly definite parsing markup, major difference than the previous one, as before every different browser build its internal DOM representation and many errors can occur and make webpage looks different in Mozilla and IE for example. With HTML5 even invalid markup will be interpreted in completely same way for all web browsers. 

In our blog you can find some HTML5 tools that can simplify HTML5 coding as well as some useful HTML5 Resources.