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WebmaisterPro is the first social network exclusively for web professionals – SEO professionals, graphic designers, web designers, web developers, article writers and bloggers.

Webmaisterpro is non-commercial social network, we will not try to sell you anything. Only honest reviews and educational articles. Of course some of the member of WebmaisterPro will try to self promote their services which is acceptable.
Our main goal is to gather all web professionals at one place – companies, individuals, freelancers, bloggers, etc...

Registration is open and free!

Why Join WebmaisterPro?

  • Every member of WebmaisterPro, can create a detailed profile with photographs, previous work done, to participate in discussions and meet other individuals or businesses in the field. You can literally upload your portfolio on your profile.
  • Every member can submit blog post at our “web-master blog” and have few do-follow links (in author byline).
  • Revenue-share through AdSense is also possible, just paste your own AdSense code into your profile and your blog at WebmaisterPro and you will be credited for all the traffic you send to your article. Our user review section is also open to members, you can submit review to your favorite product, software, affiliate program or web hosting services.
  • Participate in Webmaster Questions Forum and get answer to your problems or learn more about some area that you don't quite understand!

WebmaisterPro is non-commercial, non-profit social network run by enthusiasts, though we offer some advertising options as there are always outstanding bills regarding our web development work and hosting services. If you like WebmaisterPro and would like to give us a token of appreciation, please contact us and we will specially feature you in our blog and monthly newsletter!

About the founder:

Kaloyan Banev (Kal) was born 1984 in Pazardjik, Bulgaria. He used to live in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria where he made his first steps in his professional career. Kaloyan Banev is well recognized poet and musician in the city of Dupnitsa, together with his exceptional IT skills.

Currently living with his wife and son Chronos Banev in Pattaya, Thailand.

Though, he started his career as graphic designer and 3D animator, soon after that he continued work as on-line marketer and web developer. SEO professional since 1999, worked for companies on four different continents.

SEO-ed more than 500 SEO projects, he is recognized as one of the veterans in on-line marketing field, all rounder in SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, analytics, multi-lingual SEO and on-line strategic planning.