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Why Buying Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers Is Useless

The emergence and rapid popularity of the social networks Facebook and Twitter have given rise to a new phenomenon. With search engines eventually revealing that these factors from these social networks do play a role in their organic ranking algorithms, this led to a new frenzy with everybody doing their utmost to capitalize on these new search elements. In the case of Facebook, these elements mainly amount to the number of Facebook Likes obtained by a website or an article while Twitter's role in search engine rankings concerned the number of retweets a link obtains.

Unfortunately, the role played by Facebook and Twitter in search had another effect that is becoming more and more prevalent. As webmasters and business owners became aware of the exposure they could get from Facebook Likes and Twitter Retweets, a new market emerged where service providers starting selling these Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers. This first started with the shady business of buying links, and the world of social networks was no different as people went around selling Likes and Followers for "mind-numbing prices".

Here's the thing though: they're completely useless. In the case of buying links, you could at least have a minor return on investment since there could be a chance of search engines not properly identifying a paid link. Due to the tons of ways you could add a paid link to your website (for example, adding it to a blog post instead of merely adding a sidewide link), you could actually in many cases obtain positive results from such links.

However, in the case of both Facebook and Twitter, simply buying Likes and Followers for any website such as the official Grand Anse website is as useless as it gets for various reasons. Not only do they yield no actionable results, but they are always a complete waste of money, which you could probably have used on your aspects of your web marketing strategy.

Facebook Likes

In the case of Facebook, the "shortcut" involves buying a number of Facebook Likes for your public page. Most of the time, the seller will even throw in a few free Likes which can range from a few hundred to even several thousand. Unfortunately, these Facebook Likes won't change one thing in your website traffic or visibility because these are not relevant as you can see from the Facebook page for this Mauritius News website.
In these cases, these bought accounts will only like your Facebook page, but will never actually click any link back to your website and will moreover never check your page again. Since the number of users that are liking and sharing your content is what matters, there will be no positive result from the whole thing.

Twitter Followers

Buying Twitter Followers is a huge waste of money for a very simple reason. While your followers count will increase, these usually dormant or spammy accounts will never bother retweeting any of your tweets. You could tweet about the most extraordinary content you ever wrote and they will never even notice it. In fact, even those accounts that are actually being used are mainly concerned with promoting their own stuff over and over again. Consequently, you will have a nice number of followers but absolutely no interaction from them.
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Friday, 23 October 2020
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