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Valuable SEO Ideas to Enhance Your Online Business

Just how important marketing and selling on the Web is?

If you have not thought about bringing your trade online, you may have less idea about its wonderful possibilities. Or, if you have been offering goods or services for quite some time now but have not discovered the results yet, you may already be wondering if you are doing the right thing.


Well, are you?

Before we find out which online strategies can make your business more successful, let us have a look at these facts.


Ecommerce Statistics


  • As of 2012, Internet sales in the UK account for 8.2% of all income, a figure that the market experts anticipate to grow by 20%.
  • Around 70% of online transactions are carried out on mobile devices.
  • Most users shop on the Web during weekends.
  • One of the emerging advertising channels is YouTube.

Now, these are whopping numbers. However, you must consider this question too, "What do you need to maximise your revenue?"

Of course, you must have a sound and applicable marketing plan. But other than that, you need the following.

SEO Integration

SEO and SMO intergrationGiven that many online buyers start with search—in portals like Google or Bing (the engines with the highest total visits, respectively)—you need to rank in the top SERPs before your target customers actually find you.


You can increase your chances of being no.1 (or on the first page since this counts too) in results by practising these search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies.

1. Target specific keywords

To perform this, you need to start with research, wherein you find out which query terms rank well in SERPs. You can come up with good results by using tools like Insights for Search, Trends, and AdWords. These Google services can provide you with a list of popular and most-used keywords.

Once you have a long list, you can use the words in your content. While doing this, you need to remember these important pointers.

Integrate relevant phrases only.
Never cram several of them in one page.
Place them in strategic positions, e.g. meta-description and title.

2. Put images

Again, you have to take note of further tips when practising this.

Use photos of your products or services.
Make sure each picture has a descriptive filename with JPG extension, caption or description, and alt attribute or alternative text.
All three elements mentioned must consist of related keywords.
Keep from using too much Flash or uploading several images because these methods can affect your site's page load time.

3. Prevent content duplication

You need specific steps to do this. So if you want a detailed guide, learn about canonicalization on this page.

Once you have created canonical tags, you can avoid displaying the same product descriptions or lists. What is more, you can prevent other websites from copying your content.

4. Provide creative and informative webpages

By "creative", it means that your pages must be engaging and useful apart from looking great.

Therefore, you need to capture and keep the users' interest with different content such as blog posts, infographics, videos, and images. You can also have a FAQs page, which addresses the enquiries of previous or potential customers.

Now, don't forget to add descriptions with keywords for ranking purposes given that search bots can only read actual text.

5. Create a sitemap

This is a formatted file, which assists in easier and faster Web crawling, especially since it contains a list of your website's available pages.

Well, that is in the sense of SEO. When it comes to online shoppers, your sitemap allows them to check out your offers or different content conveniently.

6. Sign up on Google Analytics

GAThis service actually provides plenty of benefits. However, let me point out the two most important, which are the following:

Of course, you must have a sound and applicable marketing plan. But other than that, you need the following.

  • You can keep track of purchase transactions
  • You can monitor your website's performance

Wrap Up

These ideas may seem difficult, especially if you have not considered SEO and ecommerce before. If you think that you lack expertise and knowledge on both aspects, you can let an expert guide you.

But if you already have significant training on both aspects, feel free to share your own insights on our topic (especially since my tips are not the only ideas available online).

So, what do you have to say to the other readers?

About the Author

Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic SEO specialist and marketing consultancy company, which is based in Bristol and caters to many clients from all over the world.

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