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Top 7 Web Design Trends in 2013

The world of web designing saw quite a few new trends in 2012, which not only changed the existing things but set a new founding stone for a lot of new things that are changing the overall face of web designing at a blazing speed. It is obvious that these radical changes will continue in 2013 too. Therefore, here are some of the best trends that are going to surface and add yet another chapter in web designing.

  • Scroll Vertically: Vertical scrolling it the newest trend, which is being followed and it is sure to evolve more this year. Vertical scrolling not only renders easy navigation but it is also user friendly. Another thing, which is associated with vertical scrolling and bound to happen in 2013 is vertical scrolling of buttons and menus.
  • Receptive Web Design: HTML5 is the talk of the town and the suite will follow in 2013 also. As smartphones, tablets and other devices are penetrating more and more into general masses, the need to have a uniform web design is at its peak. Therefore, 2013 is going to the year of responsive web design with more graphics and brilliant illustrations.
  • Highlight Box: In 2013, JavaScript slider is going to be replaced by Highlight Box and with this finally the era of featured sliders will come to an end. Highlight Boxes are static boxes with an image in the background and an article heading or just a punch line. In order to design the highlight box one can explore CSS and then decide what suites best the website.
  • Digital Quick Response Code: With the advent of smartphones and tablets Quick Response or QR codes apps has taken a sudden and sharp surge. Evolved basically from UPC barcodes, Quick Response codes have come a long way and because they furnish easy and quick data transmission, many websites have started using these codes. And 2013 will surely bring much more access to QR codes in web designing.
  • Typography: In recent past Typography has seen a sudden change in the trend of text used. Now websites are using stylized and big bold text for defining important points on the website.  The reason behind this change is due to introduction of ‘Font Face System’ with CSS 3.
  • Large Buttons: Previously large buttons were primarily used for beautification only, in 2013 huge and big buttons will probably become a necessity. This simply implies more graphics, but more graphics slows the system. Therefore, developers and designers will have to device some alternate method to solve this problem.
  • Parallax Scrolling: Parallax Scrolling is something that is associated with gaming and allows designers to control design object’s depth. But in 2013, it is expected that Parallax Scrolling will more develop in.


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