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To Win On Pinterest, Unlearn The Social Rules

Pinterest is the new poster boy of social media. However, it is interesting to note that despite the hype and hoopla around it, a good number of social media marketers are leery of this new platform. They have come to realize the fact that the Keep Calm and Pin Ontraditional rules of social media marketing do not apply here. This is a new platform and to be able to succeed in this platform, they need to unlearn whatever they have learnt in their journey of becoming a successful social media marketer.
Here in this article, we are going to give a roundup of rules that as a marketer you need to follow religiously while promoting their brands on this fast moving platform - 
Pinterest Is Not About Conversation, It Is About Communication – Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is about communicating with your targeted audience. In fact, Pinterest uses are not at all interest in verbal communication. Spend one or two hours on this visually enticing platform and you will come to realize this amazing fact. Here people share beautiful images, pin whatever they like and rarely take the pain to comment on pins of others.
So, if you are into the belief of applying your Facebook marketing approach to Pinterest, a disaster is for sure lurking large in the backdrop.  You simply cannot get people engaged to your brand by sharing asking some silly or interesting question. Here the only way you can get connected to targeted audience by sharing some really interesting photos and they do not necessarily have to related to your brand. And please do not have silly expectation that people will post comments against your pins.
Pinterest is Not for Everyone – You simply cannot think of joining every social media platform that comes galloping by.  You need to focus on areas where your brand can shine rather than wasting your time and money on all of them and then realizing that your marketing efforts are going nowhere. So, accept the fact that your brand cannot have presence on social media channels. Pinterest has a feminine charm and you need to accept this fact and move on. So, if your brand sells something that is exclusively for the boys, you need to give goodbye kiss to it and probably find your solace in 
Pinterest is About Traffic - Unlike facebook that believes in retaining its visitors, Pinterest lets you drive traffic to your website. So, whenever a user clicks on your Pin, he/she will get transported to your website. So, I hope you can realize the true potential of Pinterest. Stay true to the nature of your business and don’t ever try to trick visitors by getting themselves land on pages that have no similarities with the image that you have posted on PInterest. The trick lies in making the visitors click on the images and this can be done by posted visually engaging images that convey a message.  
Pins Makes up Pinterest – When you are marketing on Facebook, you simply cannot post more than 4 updates in a day because it might irritates your targeted audience. But things are different in Pinterest. There is no EdgeRank thing here and what is all the more interesting is that you can post as many as 30 images on your board and that too without making yourself appear like a spammer.
So, these are four vital marketing lessons that you need to learn before you can think of making a rendezvous with Pinterest.
This article is contributed by Michael Evans who is managing social media promotional activities of Site2You


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Friday, 04 December 2020
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