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Joomla Developers:Do You Want to Escalate Your Twitter Followers at an Exponential Rate? Follow These Guidelines

Joomla is quite a popular platform in the world of Content Management System because of its ease-of-use features, easy installation, extensibility and above all, it is an open-source solution that is readily available for all the developers at zero cost. As you all know that Twitter is the best micro-blogging site in the present day and all the CMS platforms have embraced Twitter and made it a social hub for interaction and promotion of their content. Being a member of Joomla community, twitter can be effectively used to conduct various activities and thereby increase your Twitter Joomlafollowers. No one could have thought of using social networking site like twitter for Joomla development and other technological information. Here, we would like to tell you the guidelines that will help you grow your Twitter following effectively.

Understand the drivers that compel people to follow any business on twitter

It is a very important aspect for every business to understand the psychology of its prospects, as it is really helpful in targeting the potential customers and attaining business from them. In promoting your online business, the marketer again has to understand the different driving factors that may compel people to follow a business on Twitter. Statistics show that people follow a company on twitter for these reasons:

  • To attain discounts and stay up-to-date with all the special promotions of the business.
  • When they are an existing customers of the business and wants to get regular updates about the organization.
  • If they are looking for an entertaining and interesting content.

All these influencing factors are really important to understand the followers on twitter as these help the online marketer to target his prospects, grab their attention and entice them by tailoring their Twitter strategies and content.

Cross promotions among complimentary business

Follow MeIn the Joomla world, helping each other business bolsters both the organizations to grow at rapid pace. You can connect with business that complements your product or business type. This is a cross-promotional marketing strategy and creates a win-win situation for both the organizations by driving new followers between each other's twitter pages. Once you help other organizations to grow, they will return your favor back by helping your organization promotional activities.

Twitter twitter all the way

If you are a Joomla developer, you have a hell lot of scope to gain new followers. Try to integrate your twitter page in every marketing or promotional activity you are doing. Use [email protected] button. Just remember these words that each contact you have with any fellow human being is an opportunity to gain a new follower. Add twitter page URL on your business card, letter heads, invoices, Skype, email signatures, etc.

Use the tried and tested business strategy - offer exclusive extensions or e-services to your followers

As you all know that nothing can entice a prospect more than a free gift or an exclusive offer. Therefore, to get a lot of followers for your business, you can offer exclusive extensions and you will surely see the list of followers attaining soaring heights. For example: Create a page for the extensions on your website, but instead of using a button to download the extension directly, try some other technique. Put a note there: 'To Download this extension, Simply follow us at ([email protected] button) and we will send you a message along with the download link in your private message box.' Every time you get a new follower through this method send him a personalized message along with the link to download an exclusive extension. Believe me, no other technique can help you boost your number of followers than this one. And if you don't want to offer extensions, you can come up with other exclusive offers like bonus plugin, webinar, training course, free eBooks, etc.

Summing up

Creativity matters a lot if you want to design a successful business model. Promoting new ideas and innovation on your twitter page can increase your followers at a soaring rate. We are sure that we helped you in providing a little insight on how to boost your twitter presence and followers. Last, but not the least, focus on getting quality traffic on your Twitter page (your target customers), as you will get better results from 10 qualified followers than 100 unqualified ones.

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Thursday, 21 January 2021
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