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Is Google Adwords Right For You?

Google Adwords is the world’s largest pay-per-click advertising platform.  It allows your business to pay for small advertisements to appear alongside Google’s search engine results.  It also allows your advertisements to appear on other search engines.  Finally, it allows your short text advertisements to appear on the ‘content network’, which essentially are other websites which have opted in to show Google advertisements on their website pages.  Google Adwords’ reach is long, and it makes it an important tool for those advertising and marketing online.  At the very least, it should be considered as a part of any online marketing campaign.

Where it can help a small business that is starting out is first in exposure that is very hard to get.  Most online niches are heavily saturated, and as a new business appearing high in the search engine results is very unlikely.  This is because Google and other search engines will give older and more reputed websites more weight, as they are considered to be more trusted.  If any new business could come along and compete against the giants of the industry then the results of the searches would be less accurate.

However, with Adwords one can pay to appear on the pages when people search for terms you wish to target.  If you pay the right amount for the right keywords, you could sway a customer from going to your competitor and instead looking at your website.  From then on you can tell them how you are stronger than the competition, and ultimately get the sale.  So Adwords, in this manner, allows you to pay your way around the competition.

Of course, the terms which are considered to be the most profitable are also the most sought after, and therefore they are the most competed for, and hence the most expensive.  Becoming an Adwords expert will allow you to try and find the chinks in the market where you can get advertising for relatively cheap, that will turn your customers onto you.

Adwords are also great for testing out new web pages and strategies.  Throw some money at an Adwords campaign and you can get a rush of instant visitors.  Then you can use these visitors to gauge what actually is working on your website, and what is not.  Adwords are therefore a useful tool for every person who is looking to market a website online, and should be considered an important choice.

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Daniel Blinman is writing on behalf of Marketing By Web, who are offering ppc management

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Friday, 04 December 2020
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