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Identify the PPC Management Strategy Your Firm Needs

PPC management Can Mean Different Things. Deciding If Your Goals Need Bots or Humans Can Help Find the Right Mix.

To a young company or a marketing manager that is new to pay per click online marketing, the different services that PPC management and marketing firms say are necessary can be confusing, especially on top of learning the basics of adwords, adsense, and click conversion to capitalize on the online marketing. So it is important to go into the process of starting an online PPC marketing campaign knowing what types of pay per click management services are generally necessary as well as the added value of auxiliary services and how much they should cost.

One of the things that makes generalizing about the cost of PPC and necessary PPC services so difficult is the role that the industry, the firm, and the relationship between the most effective keywords for that firm on one hand and bidding competition over effective keyword phrases on the other, all have on cost. These factors exert a great deal of influence on how easy it will be to identify the best keyword phrases, on what types of portals will be the most effective for the PPC campaign, on how much desired phrases will cost, and on how much maintenance and management will be necessary to keep keyword choice optimized. Figuring out where a specific firm and its target keywords sit in that mix requires time and some experience. But speaking to a few different PPC marketing firms and getting their early evaluations and suggestions will at least wipe away some of the initial confusion.

One of the main ways that PPC management companies will distinguish themselves is by being very inexpensive or by offering a more constant and thorough level of keyword phrase management. The low end firms keep costs down by using algorithm-based robots to analyze how well different PPC ads are performing and optimize the campaign within a pre-decided set of possible ad phrases. This uses the minimum amount of labor. At the other end, real humans with expert training and experience work with these algorithms to develop a stronger sense of the industry and the online ad space. This enables them to meld their efforts with the constant attention of bots to continually optimize PPC ads as well as find new possible phrases and ads that will produce a PPC campaign with a far higher conversion rate. This is a big distinction. The extra cost will more than cover itself in profits realized in most cases, but it is a bigger risk.

The human-algorithm cost distinction is hardly the only choice companies have to make when selecting a PPC management company, but understanding marketing needs and using this comparison to begin identifying options is an easy way to start the process. 

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Ryan Michael Farrell is a Los Angeles based copywriter who works for a Search engine optimization firm; his hobbies include skateboarding, 70's punk rock music and writing about tech and marketing

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020
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