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How Can You Add More Value To Your Website Design?

Those who believe simplicity to be the best policy are very much right in most of the cases, at least when considering web designing. Given below are some of the simplest yet most effective techniques, which shall result very positively for you as far as design of your website is concerned. They include:

No Need Of Splash Pages

With changing times, the need and efficacy of Splash Pages has sunk almost to zero. Splash pages serve mostly as the welcome pages of a website, greeting a visitor with “welcome” or “click here to enter” type of captions. In current times, they are of minimal value, so staying away from them serves you best.

Simple And Effective Navigation

A best website design serves you no good if it does not have simple and effective navigation supporting it. Without easy navigation, a visitor will never be able to find what he/she needs at your site, so stay away from complexities of a Flash based menus. 

Stay Away From Excessive Banner Advertisement

Banner advertisement no more serve as an effective means of compelling people to click on ads of various products and services. Instead of overcrowding your site with meaningless banner ads, weave relevant and valuable affiliate links into site content.

No Audio Please

You have to realize and acknowledge the fact that people do not land up on your site to hear divinely music streams, which they cannot stop. Try not to furnish your site with unnecessary audio streams, and even if you want to do so, make sure you enable your visitors to control the volume according to their wish.

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Friday, 23 October 2020
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