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Freelancer Invasion is probably one of the most popular freelancer tasks website. A bit of history first – actually the Aussie company started as “ ScreenshotGetAFreelancer” and in 2009 they changed the name to This maneuver happened few years after the establishment. This was quite interesting turn and from this point the invasion have started!

In 2011 was acquired by Freelancer, Swedish Magnus Tibell founder EUFreelance in 2004.

The next to come was again in 2011, though the terms of the deal was not disclosed at the time. Actually closed doors completely after this deal.

Then turned berserk, the list is so long and leading companies like: LimeExchange,,, and there may be more.

WarriorForum screenshotMost recent news are that Ukrainian digital marketplace – was also acquired, though again I couldn't find details on the deal.

Yesterday, I've got the newsletter from Warrior forum. One of the biggest and most trusted forum community for webmasters and entrepreneurs was bought for $3.2 million dollars.

Half of the listed companies and website do not anymore. Do you think that will follow the same destiny? Probably!
Who is next? Are there only 2 companies in the world that are driving or dictating Internet business, Freelancer and Google?

Low or no competition means only one thing - low quality.

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Friday, 04 December 2020
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