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Don’t become a victim of spyware, get rid of it!

Don’t become a victim of spyware, get rid of it!

Spyware is without any doubt a bigger menace for Mac OS X than virus. It is more dangerous, because it gets attached with your operating system in wicked ways. It can destabilize the speed and performance of your Mac. Spyware is programmed for tracking your browsing activities, tease you with bothersome pop-ups, or redirect you to its own host websites. It is highly recommended for Mac users to install anti spyware software, which will allow them to block and remove spyware.

There is plenty of anti-spyware software out there, but only a few are free to download. However, finding the free ones is a tough job. It’s best for you, not to go for random anti-spywares listed on advertising websites. Such websites usually spread spyware. So, it’s better for you to only install anti-spyware from trusted websites. Here are some trusted and quality anti spyware programs:

Web Tunnel Security for Mac

Web Tunnel is an all-in-one solution that offers strong real-time protection against spyware, adware, and identity theft. Web Tunnel anti spyware feature averts spyware from getting installed on your Mac, and also prevents it from reading your personal information, such as credit card numbers, emails, and web surfing. Removing spyware doesn’t really solve the spyware problem, because spyware is always a step ahead of you. You can only avoid spyware infections by installing a quality anti-spyware program, such as Web Tunnel.

Spyware usually spreads from free games and software downloads. If you like to download games/software from free file sharing networks, then your Mac is at a high risk of getting spyware infection. Web Tunnel offers SSL-encrypted protection, which blocks spyware from collecting any data. Web Tunnel works easily in all types of networks and firewalls. In addition, it also offers cleaner to remove unwanted files, such as user cache, browser history, and system log files. Web Tunnel is like a set-and-forget solution, install it on your Mac, and get rid of spyware.

iAnti Virus Free Edition for Mac

iAnti Virus is a handy application that will allow you to scan for spyware and malicious software. The best thing about iAnti Virus is that it offers real-time scanning for both hard drive and web browsing. iAnti virus is easy to install, it offers user-friendly features, which are easy to run. The menu bar on the main screen of iAnti virus allows you to run a variety of system scans, such as Quick Scan and Normal Scan. The processing of the program is quick and only takes couple of minutes for full scan.

After the installation of the program, you can set it to run in the background. iAnti Virus doesn’t use full resources of the system. It only utilizes minimum resources, and keeps the system running at its top speed. You can also schedule scans for daily, weekly, or monthly basis. iAnti Virus regularly updates its spyware definitions, which makes it capable enough to protect you from latest spyware threats.  In addition to spyware protection, it also offers you protections against virus, adware, Trojan horses, and other kind of online threats. iAnti Virus is an all-in-one solution for free. So, install it on your Mac and forget about spyware.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020
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