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Behavioral Targeting and What It Means for Online Marketing  

More marketers are turning to advanced methods to amass greater returns of investment. The battle among business-oriented key players among online companies is centered on who can produce messages that can stand out from the noise.

While creativity in crafting content, enticing offers, and strong call to action are all vital in this quest, none of these can work their magic if the audiences don’t find the message relevant. As a matter of fact, it is the failure to be significant that causes many marketers to fall short in achieving their goals.

As you know, the most effective campaign is woven by messages that are welcomed (or anticipated) by the target audience. Satisfying the demands and preferences of consumers at the registration process alone entails the selection of the right messages that can build favourable relationships.

Needless to say, the highest level of relevance can be attained through the delivery of content that is based on audience behavior.

And so the idea of behavioral targeting for marketing campaigns was conceived.

What is Behavioral Targeting?

If you ever came across ads found along the border sides of a website you’re visiting (especially social networking sites), you are more likely to have been subjected to behavioral targeting. Note that these ads are related to your past searches.

For instance, ads of lotions and other vanity items appear after searching for cosmetics or shampoo on eBay. Likewise, these ads would also be seen by users who “Liked” a business page of known beauty company from Facebook.

Suffice to say, Behavioral Targeting is a “mechanism” adopted by online advertisers and publishers. It is a program developed to refine marketing campaigns by employing tools thatcan analyze and gather data of users’ browsing patterns. It comes with stat-gathering programs including Landing page Visit recording and other related software.

Behavioral Targeting computer programs can generate any type of data: the pages viewed and visited by an individual, the span of stay in websites and web pages, the searches made and repeated, and the type of data they interact with.

The information will be compiled into profiles, which will in turn link to the browsers of users.

Once the publishers acquire the data, they can further group the users into marketable sectors based on their similarities and profiles. As a result, visitors who are re-visiting certain websites using the same browser would see ads that demonstrate their general interest and engagement.

Why do you need Behavioral Testing?

Truth is, crafting web contents based on visitor’s actions including the pages they visit, recent purchases and demographics is not something new. This had been the technique used by many marketers for the past several years.

But according to a study conducted by Silverpop, a mere 28% of email recipients responded positively to the tactic. As a result, entrepreneurs started embracing behavioral targeting as a more effective marketing strategy.

Behavioral targeting because:

1. Web browsing will be more “personalized” thereby making Internet experience more prone to conversions.

It would appear that your website puts forth the interest of the consumers. Behavioral targeting can create an impression that your company is taking the buyers’ penchants with a more careful consideration and that the business is exerting effort to get to know the customers better.

As a result, the website will be seen as a smarter and reliable hub for shopping. It becomes more useful. Remember that the more relevant the contents are, the deeper engagement it can invite from visitors.

2. Your website can take on a more user-friendly interface

Behavioral testing allows the customization of a website that could have cost a fortune. With this technology around, it is possible for the entrepreneurs to attract more patrons through a “one size fits all experience.” It eliminates the need to earmark large budget and allot time in studying the trends and updating the site.

Considering the constant of influx from various Internet sources, users are now inclined to a more personalized, social and relevant experience. This alone gives a promising result in sales and customer trust. After all, consumers nowadays seem to favor online companies that can share their interest.

3. Behavioral Targeting helps marketers formulate a more effective multi-dimensional approach

Gone are the days when tactics are boxed into one cookie-cutter representation of niche consumers. Behavioral targeting is an epitome of a more efficient strategy that recognizes the diversity of buyers. As such, efforts and cash paid on ads no longer go to waste. Businessmen can now concentrate on doing actions that actually work.

Note that behavioral targeting programs also include demographics of customers and algorithms that can determine the interest and choices of users. These allow marketers to learn more about their audience and develop a deeper understanding of a multifaceted audience. It would then be easier to formulate tactics for their campaigns and other customer-oriented projects.


Ruben Corbo is a freelance writer that writes about technology, gaming, music, and online marketing where you can read more about A/B Testin and product recommendation engines. Ruben is also an avid gamer and music composer for short films and other visual arts. You can read more about this particular subject at Maxymiser as well as traffic to sales converting topics.

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