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Adobe Muse Beta3 Review

Adobe Muse Beta3 Review
There is an interesting trend related to web development which Adobe is following recently, first it was Edge which is software which brings Flash alike Adobe Muse New Projectdevelopment to HTML5 and right now Adobe Muse which is currently in beta release.

When I’ve started Adobe Muse, I found huge similarity with In Design, so I thought myself that probably many designers that are working in print media can handle it easily and for sure can create impressive looking websites. Well, let’s face it, there are many other similar “wizards” and the question is do we really need another software like this one?

One of the advantages by my personal opinion is that this tool is intuitive, it is using Adobe interface which is well known to many web designers and developers, I am sure that everybody that have use Adobe CS and even previous versions will pick up Muse quite fast and probably within minutes will create a website.

Adobe Muse Insert NavigationDevelopment process has few stages (one stage is very similar with old Go Live Schematic View): Planning, Design, Preview and Publish. The first one – building website maps from basic master pages – editing columns, grids and so on. The next stage is design, mostly drag and drop with smart guides. Menus, boxes and widgets can be dropped into place from a components palette in this part I’ve had pretty satisfying experience.

Website preview, that was easy and self explanatory. The last step publishing/export comes in two ways – hosted option and the ability to export to HTML and self-publish. I must mention that exported websites include jQuery and much has been made of the div soup the app generates in a site’s source.
I was not surprised that images got optimized and scaled in the size that you choose in the composition.

I don’t want to judge tool, but in current beta it lacks flexibility, however I am sure that graphic designers will appreciate this prototyping tool which probably can save a lot of time in the process which usually include PSD to HMTL, but for now let’s wait and see what final version will offer.
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Friday, 04 December 2020
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