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5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog

Blogging is generally considered a personal form of expression, with topics ranging to work rants, movie reviews, everyday recipes, and just about any subject under the sun. However personal blogging may be, and bloggers left and right are just lay outing and designing their blogs in whatever manner they want, there is still a set formula on how a blog is meant to look like and seem like. The blogs that follow this formula somehow get more online success in terms of visits and hits, compared to others. Should you want the same thing for your blog, then our 5 easy tips to improve your blog should come in handy. Read up, and apply to your blog as necessary.Blogging Tips

Make sure your blog is readable - We’re not touching on the content just yet, but focusing on your blog’s layout. Check your fonts and check their colors. Check the contrast between the background and the text. Also examine the size of your text, making sure it isn’t too big or too small. What about the spacing between lines? Take a look at that too. Get all of these right, and your blog will be literally, easier to read. Another way to make sure your blog is readable is to examine the language. Do your sentences make sense? Is your grammar perfect? Are you using terms your niche market understands? Language can make a very big difference on the salability of a blog.

Use catchy headlines - Every good writer knows the importance of a good headline- it’s basically like bait when one is fishing. If your bait is good, the fish will come biting, so make sure your headline is interesting, controversial, or funny enough that it elicits a reaction from your readers. If your readers like your headline, chances are they will keep on reading and keep on revisiting your blog too.

Be Specific, don’t go off topic - If your blog is about fashion, then readers that go visit your blog will come to expect fashion. Don’t disappoint them by shifting into the most unrelated topics, like maybe, plumbing. If you do that, your readers will eventually look for their fashion fix somewhere else.

Post Constantly - Your readers need to know that they can depend on you. Make it a habit to post constantly. We’re not asking you to post everyday, that may not be realistic for you, but maybe once or twice a week. That way, your readers will know when to come back and see a new post. If you disappear for months at a time, and suddenly come back, then no one may be around anymore to see you back.

Respond to comments - your readers probably visit your blog because they resonate to what they are reading and seeing from you. Establish a relationship with them by attending to their questions and comments. For sure, your readers will appreciate the gesture and keep on coming back to your blog.


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Guest post by Sam Briones, a freelance writer and also contributes at Technovate Translations. If not writing for the language and culture subject, she's on the keyboard writing about fashion and pop culture.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020
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