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Jessie Jaureguy

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The Dilemma With eBook Readers

The Dilemma With eBook Readers
With tablets and 5” smartphones taking large shares of the market, one can easily say that eBook readers are slowly losing popularity among consumers. 150 million smartphone shipments is no small number, especially if this is the value of smartphones shipped in just the third quarter of 2013. Moreover, with the tremendous availability of apps of all kinds, turning a smartphone into just about anything is as easy as downloading and using an app, and this includes eBook reading as well. However, not so many people have given some thought to what eBook readers are capable of despite the stiff competition that they are currently facing. Features of an eBook Reader eBook readers are simply defined by their name. They are devices, almost the size of an iPad, which allow you to read eBooks more conveniently. eBook readers maintain simplicity and ease of use, something which cannot be ignored whenever you’re comparing it to a tablet. Some notable features of an eBook reader include: 1. High Level of Readability This is arguably the biggest advantage of an eBook reader over a tablet. While your tablets and smartphones use LCD screens, some eBook readers have e-ink displays. These displays are non-reflective...
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