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  • Blogging Traps

    Now, let's talk about blogging traps and I am quite sure that most of you have seen these possible obstacles, if you are already an active commenter.  However, before I continue I would like to remind you again about your blogging plan and minimum words per day writing.
    As everything else in life, there are consequences, so I will try to arrange the traps in chronological order as most likely you may find yourself in the same situation, already done some of the mistakes and you will know what may be your next mistake and prevent it.

    Cynicism and Negativity

    Ops, it happened! You are writing a great blog, but nothing good come out of it. Traffic is not stable; there are no high rankings, just few spam comments.
    Cynical cycle is very common, I have few friends that are top bloggers and usually after latest search engine update, they become a bit frustrated and cynical, blaming everything and everybody. I can say that this period usually appear more often for experienced bloggers that for fresh ones. When a blogger write on a topic that understand very well, often don't open eyes to see that there is something new. There are too many personal points in articles, instead research and facts.
    It isn't difficult to escape from this phase, just take a break for a day and in the next 2-3 days just write about latest events and news, this strategy should work like a charm and you will be back on track.
    Certainly this is the most common and dangerous trap, probably one of the main reason most bloggers fail, if continue for longer period, you will lose the value of your opinion and probably most of the loyal readers.

    The Swearing Trap

    We are adult, but not all of us have mature mind. Your blog should be mature and casual. Swearing, well don't think that this is a good way to grab attention. This isn't the right way of blogging even for adult blog. Don't use it in the titles or content, I have done that in the past and the idea was extremely bad.  Even if you are writing for the mainstream audience and trying to expand the number of your readers, not many of them will accept swearing, especially over the news.
    Realistically, not all vulgarities are equal, just be careful with "F" word, especially if you writing about politics, I doubt that you will use any, if you are writing about hardware and technology.

    The Context Trap

    Often bloggers write a story and continue the story in another article, but forget about that and new readers arrive at blog in complete darkness. Context is very important, but rarely new readers know about your journey and may not have a clue what you mean. Without going into details, cross linking relevant content and article is recommended course of action by all major search engines, so you should clearly indicate, that topic continue from previous one.
    In addition you may link to external resources like Wikipedia, online dictionaries or other online sources of information. 
    Other thing that is not directly related to writing is to properly categorize your content with tags and categories. Intuitive navigation plays very important role, not only for visitors but for search engines too.
    Bad discipline and consistency trap

    Previously we have talked about planning and consistency, probably the most important parts of blogging. Many bloggers break the schedule and break the rhythm of publishing fresh content for several days.
    I think a good way to escape from this trap is to schedule content publishing and use the momentum. We are human after all and rarely are we able to follow the plan for very long period of time without holiday. So use the momentum, if you have an idea, don't leave it for tomorrow, continue writing and schedule the article this extra article to publish on the next day. Having content in advance will help you to be on schedule.

  • Content Questions

    One of the goals that should be set by every blogger is to build good number of loyal readers. I am not going to talk about already established blogs that already have rankings and tracking tools installed, but for new blog that it is just established.
    In planning and preparation stage you should ask yourself several question, why your blog is interesting and why readers would come back to read the new topic. There are many thoughts that can come to your mind, about humor, entertainment, quality of information or research, but first let’s stick to basics.

    The number one question is “Is it new?”!

    Blog Content QuestionsQuite important for almost any blog niche is to publish latest information, especially sensitive for news, tech, fashion, etc… blogs.

    Is your blog content different?

    Being different isn’t always the best solution, but being different in a good way, may win a lot of loyal reader very quickly. Many times even popular blogger publish absolutely misleading content, just because another popular blogger have published this topic. Don’t fall into this trap, the difference should not be only in style of writing, but the way you explain, research and supplying facts.

    How many people would read about this?

    You should know your audience well, many people don’t care about certain topics, and for instance Europeans like football but Americans like baseball. Knowing the location of your readers will support your blog.  Sure, if they don’t care about topic they will move on.

    Is it unique in a way?

    Some stories can be very funny, ridiculous, interesting facts or just too difficult to believe. Even niche have some less known facts or myths that can be busted, sure there are not so many topics like that, but writing about something unique would grab attention.

    Do you have personal experience?

    Falling back to reviews idea, if you have personal experience about something could add great value to every article. If you are able to maximize the experience as blogger, your blog will perform really well.

    Photos, Videos, Graphics

    Especially images can tell 1000 words stories that don’t need translation. Support your content with images or videos, will reduce bounce rate and will improve content quality dramatically. Google talks many times about quality content, well post with images counts as better content that those that are just black on white.

    Are you the first?

    They haven’t seen this before; your article would be the first of a kind. This may work or may not works, but try to be original in every post, unique information may catch more readers and become viral very easy.

    Is there a controversy?

    Even this would not be the best content strategy, from time to time (better rarely), you should publish controversial information that will increase the number of blog comments and create great discussion. Those topics usually will come from the news and there will be always few sides to look at.

    For sure there can be more questions that you can ask yourself. Brainstorming and creativity will be your best friends on the road to blogging success.