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  • Blog Content Tips

    Finding ideas and sources of information will play very important role for your publishing content strategy and consistency.  Even you are an expert in particular topic, it is always better to find latest information about your topic. New information is always better than old and outdated!

    How to find interesting topicsFinding the most exiting items isn’t a challenge, but you are facing very strong competition from the rest of blogging community that also wants to publish content on this topic. Let’s face another fact, most bloggers rewrite what they read with their own title on the top and byline at the bottom! This should work for you too, but you should do it better than them. Bloggers have freedom to express their own opinion in topic, make additional research, link to references and adding their own images or artwork, so here is the leverage that you will definitely need.

    Finding News on Social Media

    In the past finding news was limited to newspapers and TV, today news are everywhere and spread so fast. Even online newspapers rarely can’t catch up as fast as social media like Twitter and Facebook. This could be excellent source of getting the latest trends, but don’t fall into trap of unverified news.


    I suppose you already know what RSS means, find yourself good RSS reader and start adding RSS feeds from reliable sources that cover topics related to your niche.

    News for Web Traffic

    One of the best ways to go is to write about trendy topics. You should start using Google Trends, Google Insight, Alexa and Technorati. From all those websites you can extract topics related to your blog niche that are very hot and probably half of the population is interested to read. Now let’s be realistic again, there is slight trap in this strategy, often those topics are becoming very competitive and many bloggers and powerful news website have already publish an article about this. You should use smart strategy of promoting this content and as well commit competitor research.

    Press Releases Research

    Very large portion of news is firstly published as press releases. There are many PR directories where you can find interesting information that you can write about. This is very smart strategy that not so many bloggers use.


    Reviews of products and services is another source of information, even more tricky as it is good to know the product or service from first hand, but I suppose you have experience in the niche that you have already choose and know many things that other bloggers does not. Reviews can bring trust of readers easily if you are honest in your reviews, I personally would not recommend to you to write paid reviews requested by email or if you do, be as objective as possible.
    In conclusion, I would say that you have a lot of freedom, collection news is just one way of writing blog, but you can be flexible with that as this is your own journal and you can include experience, events that you have attend, write about your dream or goals and anything else.

  • Blogging

    This guide will lead you through some of the basics of blogging, general ideas of how to write and distribute content online, but first a bit of intro to blogging. This blog tips section at WebmaisterPro will make honest review of how to be successful blogger without giving you empty promises, there are no secret, it is just hard work!.
    During my career I found that blogging is the medium between websites and forums, I also found that not many web professionals really understand the power of blogging, for instance even full time SEOs, web designers and developers rarely write their own blog, but on the other hand blogs are established by specialists in particular niche that usually find some whole in content written by official sources or simple want to prove somebody wrong by distributing knowledge and thoughts online.

    Blog TipsBasic principle of blogging is writing on topic that you really love, for example hobby or niche related to your work that you really understand well. It is not a rocket science to develop and write a blog; however there are not so many successful bloggers that make decent amount of money from it.

    If you are already running a blog or several blogs, this guide will help you to filter information and strategies that you already know and most likely you will become better and more successful blogger. Main difference between blogs and regular websites is that to run a successful blog, you need to create quality content on daily basis and since recently to be active on social networks. To stay on top you need to keep pushing and feeding with new quality content on daily basis.

    I personally device different blog on two main categories – personal and commercial, however you can make money by selling and expressing personal opinion, there is no magic bullet or recipe that work 100%, but everything is possible.
    Don’t fall into trap about making millions of dollar online in short term, actually don’t fall into any guide that promising this. It is not possible in short or long term, just treat blog like any other business and follow the basic business principles and set up achievable goals.

    There are good news, you don’t need to start from scratch, there are many good tutorial and resources, there are many different platforms - ready made and self hosted,  that you can choose and of course you may be able to discover your own way and make serious money through blogging online.

    What is Blog and Blogging?

    A simple way to keep online journal, usually in short articles called “posts” , chronologically classified in “categories” that usually are semantic or related.  This is called “blog”, and blog is short of “web log”, Dave Winer is the creator first “web log” when he built a site called The site featured the reverse chronological (newest stories first) arrangement.  Winer’s new format of online content arrangement quickly became known as a weblog; and as usual things on Internet evolve very fast and usually kept short “weblog” became known as “blog”.

    Winer also developed a system that can easily distribute content called “Really Simple Syndication” or simply RSS, allowing readers to access his posts from programs called newsreaders.
    This was very important step of blog to newsreaders completely changed blogging. This was the first time, same content could coexist standalone without even need of visiting a website, devoid of advertising, images, and other clutter. 

    Do you want to start blogging? Follow our blog tipssection and learn how to choose your blog niche.

  • How to Choose an Article Title

    Choosing post title is one very important part; definitely nobody would click on topic that doesn’t have interesting title. Now we are not talking about SEO purpose of well written titles, but about creating fast engagement. 
    How to Choose an Article TitleAction words in headlines will give readers an excellent reason to read the post, descriptive titles give another reason to read the article. Remember that you need to lead the reader through the topic, but be careful putting misleading titles!

    Now, I will give you some basic blog titles, which may work very well and immediately grab attention of readers!

    Titles that include “secrets”

    Particularly, I don’t like titles that talks about secrets as I am working more than a decade as online marketing expert and SEO, but many people fall immediately for title that include some secret, especially for some blog niche.  Just few examples:
    “The Secret of Passive Income Online”
    “Secret of Looking Young at Any Age”
    “Secret Guide to Get Your Ex Back”

    Titles that include “numbers”

    There are two approaches to include numbers, depending on the niche. The secret that I will share with you is that those titles usually get viral very easy, especially on social networks or bookmark websites. The first approach is related to money, the other one is related to information that is never disclosed before.  Examples:
    “How I make $1000 a Month Blogging?”
    “AdSense Keywords than Pay More than $20 a Click”
    “300Mph with latest …. Hybrid”
    “Collect 500 tons of rainwater”

    Titles “questions”

    Even in first two examples, I have used questions several times. Questions always get more attention than any other kind of headings, especially if the topic is hot and your audience have already asking themselves about that.
    “Is SEO Dead?”
    “When is the Next Mission to Mars?”
    “When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Eastern Europe?”

    Unusual Titles

    For this category of headings you need to be very careful, as I mentioned above, be careful with misleading titles. It isn’t very difficult to classify what is unusual and what is normal and what is weird.
    “Men Gives a Birth of 4 Babies”
    “Horses Never Get Sick”
    “Fry Eggs on Your CPU”

    Amazing Titles

    Similar to the previous category, many times people can get amazed just reading the heading. Of course it is very important to supply the “amazing” information in the article too.
    “Songs that Fly into Space”
    “Top 10 Richest People in World without University Degree!”
    “Scientist Have Found Water or Moon!”

    Top Lists

    Some of the most successful stories are about lists of top products or services, for sure this can be “top 10 best” or “top 10 worst”. 

    Rumors in the Title

    This is dangerous way, but for sure can lead to a lot of commentary from readers; in addition I would say that if you write about rumors, be careful and be prepared to include some facts.
    I suppose that this would be enough ideas about the titles. Again would like to remind to lead not to mislead in your titles or you will receive a lot of critics. Another last tip for this post – don’t capitalize all letter in particular title!

  • Rules for Successful Blogging

    To be a blogger is like profession and blogging is a job, no matter you are blogging for money or this is just an extension of your full time job. Similar to any other job or business, you should have a blogging plan;this is the corner stone for your success. There are simple rules of blogging that everybody should follow.

    Update Blog on Daily Basis

    Successful Blogging“Many times I am asked how often I should publish new content on my blog?!” The answer is simple – everyday. This way you will build loyal readers faster. Image a blog that is updated spontaneously with many blog posts in one day and after that for few weeks absolutely nothing. It is obvious that visitors and readers will migrate to another blog that is more consistent. 
    Keep posting and don’t think that there is nothing for you to write today, there is always a content and topic, even for micro-niche blog. That’s why choosing blog niche is very important and getting back to our previous article of choosing your blog niche is very important, finding the one that you love to write about is a way to stay motivated.
    Going back to question of number of posts per day, how to determine how many new posts are enough for 1 day? The answer is simple again, you are not alone, and there are other bloggers out there that are your direct competitors. Probably your top competitors appear in top 10 results for the same target. Check how many new blog posts a day they publish, this should be your ratio too.
    Don’t always try to write about latest, you can leverage the topic, even adding something personal, but don’t fall in personal blog trap, try to be creative without telling too much about yourself.  The point is not to break blogging schedule and not getting lazy.
    A good idea is to create blogging calendar or list, find “evergreen” topics about particular niche, search Google Trends, even spy on competition and write better content.

    Create a Style and Keep Consistency

    The second rule of blogging overlap the first rule, didn’t I mention the discipline and consistency are the keys?
    There are different approaches of blogging – definitely for one man band there will be difficulties to write long articles every day, leverage articles with videos, photographs, info graphics, etc.
    Long ago, I was making 3D animation, I’ve learned something from one of my teachers more than a decade ago – “fun sales”, this is a good approach, but it is very difficult to achieve that.  Insert your opinion, expertise or previous experience, share you’re thought without getting too personal. Readers like recommendations, but don’t try to sell always. Just be honest and be yourself and keep this consistent.

    Check what else do you need to start blogging!

  • Start Blogging

    You want to start blogging, but what you really need and how much you need to invest?

    Blogging Necessities

    • You need to have enough time, blogging can be time consuming,  writing long articles and committing research on particular topics
    • You need to like the topic that you are writing on. So that’s why choosing the right blog niche is very important.
    • Computer and Internet connection
    • Graphic editing software (can use open source like Gimp)

    Blogging Recommendations

    As we’ve mentioned in one of the previous articles, it isn’t necessary to buy your own domain and web hosting service to start blogging, however we strongly recommend that.  You may enhance your blog with images, videos, etc.

    • Own top level domain name (preferably dot com)
    • Paid web hosting service
    • Digital camera
    • Voice recording device
    • Web cam or camcorder

    Are you ready to start blogging?