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CSS4 Selectors and Syntax Preview

CSS4 is right now, just a working draft at W3C, but for sure trendy topic that everybody is trying to find more information about. I have to admit that, can not find probable release date of CSS Level 4, but I suspect that it wont be soon. However, if you want to keep up to date, I suggest to take a regular check-up at CSS3 took the world overnight, I think every web development blog or website release a tutorial of some kind, CSS3 offered amazing features and capabilities and just imagination is a boarder. Being realistic, many website still haven't taken an advantage of CSS3 other just don't use the full potential, but even for CSS3 browser support is just close to 100%. Please take a look at Browser CSS-Selector-Test - Right, many developers would say, just learned 3 and now 4 is coming. Well, CSS3 wont be left behind, 4 is just a number, an update. Selectors overview A Selector represents a structure. This structure can be used as a condition ( in a CSS rule) that determines which elements a selector matches in the document tree, or as a flat description of the HTML or XML...
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