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CommentLuv Enabled Blogs - List of 171 Blogs

Just decided to put together a list of CommentLuv enabled blogs. Some use CommentLuv Premium others CommentLuv free version, but all are tested and working. Keep in might that not all of these blogs are do-follow blogs, some are no-follow, some just offer follow link on RSS feed. There are few blogs that doesn't use the plug-in, but are do-follow so I've decided to include those too. So list contain 171 blogs and I hope will be useful for your link building and online marketing campaign, often you can get a good amount of traffic from this comments, if your comment appear at the very top. Note! WebmaisterPro isn't based on WordPress, however our commenting system is also do follow, so you are more than welcome to leave a comment at any of our posts. We've met a lot of problems getting anybody to comment, mostly because blogging community seems to comment only on  WP blogs, wow!   CommentLuv Blogs List
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