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Self Hosted Blog

Self hosted blog is the best option to start with. It is small investment that offers great flexibility and full control over your content.
Many times, I have been asked which is the best blogging CMS. I don’t think that there is the best one, but there are some that are better than the others. As anything else every CMS have pros and cons.


WordPress is the most popular blogging CMS, I am not sure about the percentage, but probably 90% of professional blogs are based on WordPress which was originally developed as blogging platform, but currently is used for many kinds of websites. The best thing about WordPress is that it is very light, so you can host it on almost any kind of Linux shared hosting (and Windows too). There are many free plug-ins and theme. On the other hand WordPress community is very big, so it will be easy to get support from or read guides written by other more experienced bloggers.


Joomla CMS is serious choice that can easily go beyond blogging. Main reason is that Joomla structure is different than WordPress, mainly because you can install components, modules and plug-ins and I think this is a great advantage against WordPress. The downside is that Joomla is much more difficult to handle – you need to know more about web hosting, PHP and strictly follow core updates, which usually do not have cross compatibility with previous version, respectively components too. In most cases Joomla can’t be hosted on shared web hosting and you will need at least VPS and this can be pricey, but this may change with v3, which will be based on Bootstrap and supposedly this will lower a bit server memory requirements.  If you would like to start blogging with Joomla, definitely need to check our EasyBlog review.


I think that Drupal, stays in the middle of popular choices between Joomla and WordPress. It is flexible, it offers great capabilities and doesn’t require too much web hosting resources. Downside is that again require a bit more knowledge about everything.

Expression Engine

Expression Engine is not free software, but does include everything you need to start up, I personally don’t have much experience with it, but colleagues have shared that it is really flexible, it is well known fact that support for Expression Engine is at very good level. One more thing, many top companies are using EE, so it seems to be serious blogging choice.

Movable Type

Written in Perl, Movable Type CMS can be a good choice for people that have worked with PHP, another great open source CMS that offer full arsenal of features. Several notable features, such as the ability to host multiple weblogs and standalone content pages, manage files, user roles, templates, tags, categories, and trackback links. I must add that there is a commercial version too.


Ghost is brand new blogging platform specially build for bloggers. It is build with JavaScript and require Node.js, You can check the review of Ghost blogging platform here.

There are many other CMS, technically you can turn any CMS into blogging platform or integrate any of the above blogs into other CMS with a bit of skills.