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You want to start blogging, but what you really need and how much you need to invest?

Blogging Necessities

  • You need to have enough time, blogging can be time consuming,  writing long articles and committing research on particular topics
  • You need to like the topic that you are writing on. So that’s why choosing the right blog niche is very important.
  • Computer and Internet connection
  • Graphic editing software (can use open source like Gimp)

Blogging Recommendations

As we’ve mentioned in one of the previous articles, it isn’t necessary to buy your own domain and web hosting service to start blogging, however we strongly recommend that.  You may enhance your blog with images, videos, etc.

  • Own top level domain name (preferably dot com)
  • Paid web hosting service
  • Digital camera
  • Voice recording device
  • Web cam or camcorder

Are you ready to start blogging?