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To be a blogger is like profession and blogging is a job, no matter you are blogging for money or this is just an extension of your full time job. Similar to any other job or business, you should have a blogging plan; this is the corner stone for your success. There are simple rules of blogging that everybody should follow.

Update Blog on Daily Basis

Successful Blogging“Many times I am asked how often I should publish new content on my blog?!” The answer is simple – everyday. This way you will build loyal readers faster. Image a blog that is updated spontaneously with many blog posts in one day and after that for few weeks absolutely nothing. It is obvious that visitors and readers will migrate to another blog that is more consistent. 
Keep posting and don’t think that there is nothing for you to write today, there is always a content and topic, even for micro-niche blog. That’s why choosing blog niche is very important and getting back to our previous article of choosing your blog niche is very important, finding the one that you love to write about is a way to stay motivated.
Going back to question of number of posts per day, how to determine how many new posts are enough for 1 day? The answer is simple again, you are not alone, and there are other bloggers out there that are your direct competitors. Probably your top competitors appear in top 10 results for the same target. Check how many new blog posts a day they publish, this should be your ratio too.
Don’t always try to write about latest, you can leverage the topic, even adding something personal, but don’t fall in personal blog trap, try to be creative without telling too much about yourself.  The point is not to break blogging schedule and not getting lazy.
A good idea is to create blogging calendar or list, find “evergreen” topics about particular niche, search Google Trends, even spy on competition and write better content.

Create a Style and Keep Consistency

The second rule of blogging overlap the first rule, didn’t I mention the discipline and consistency are the keys?
There are different approaches of blogging – definitely for one man band there will be difficulties to write long articles every day, leverage articles with videos, photographs, info graphics, etc.
Long ago, I was making 3D animation, I’ve learned something from one of my teachers more than a decade ago – “fun sales”, this is a good approach, but it is very difficult to achieve that.  Insert your opinion, expertise or previous experience, share you’re thought without getting too personal. Readers like recommendations, but don’t try to sell always. Just be honest and be yourself and keep this consistent.

Check what else do you need to start blogging!