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To some expends blogging is very similar to writing your own newspaper online. Blogging is still the domain of amateurs, but amateurs with strong point of view and expertise; I am not talking about amateurish writing, but expert skills.

How to Choose Blog Niche?Your unique point of view and skill set are things that are driving your blog, but as usual it is not enough to have a good idea, but to develop it well.
So one of the first steps is choosing your niche, in many guides you can read to choose low completion niche, micro niche, well paying niche, etc. Well, this is a wrong approach! If you choose your blog niche this way, you will fail. I decided to start with possible mistakes, before I list the idea. So here are some bad ideas about choosing your niche.

Bad Ideas When Choosing Blog Niche

  • Low competition – many people try to find a niche without or weak competition, well that’s great, but probably there is a reason why competition is low, probably nobody is interested to read about this. One other thing, nowadays there are no niche without competition.
  • Micro niche - this is a bit tricky, there are some great micro niche that you can get a good amount of traffic and good conversion, but usually with micro niche, blogger run out of content very quickly and search trends change very fast, so this isn’t a long term idea.
  • Well paying niche – usually very competitive, so many people write about this and most strategies for promotion doesn’t really work as market is over-saturated.
  • Nice that you don’t understand – sounds pretty simple, but many bloggers are falling into this trap, you simply can’t write on topic that you don’t understand and probably don’t like.

How to Choose Blogging Niche

Few paragraphs above, I’ve mentioned that blogging is like developing your own business and that the principles are the same – 24/7 work, no vacations, you make money from it and you do what you like. So now is the time to ask those 4 questions:

  • What are you going to write about?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you know about?
  • Who are you?

I will leave you to answer those questions on your own, but take your time and write it the answers down after a day or two.
When you answer the questions, you will know your blog niche.

Another quick tip - be sure that you choose reliable web hosting that will suit your project. If you planning on complicated blog project, sooner or later your shared web hosting will not be able to keep up with blog traffic. So I would suggest you check our web hosting reviews section.

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